Supermarket Shopping...

Wednesday, 28 October 2015
...but not the food kind.

All too often I head into the supermarket for "a loaf of bread" style shopping list and I end up coming out with a new makeup brush, clothes, homeware... you get the drift. Most recently I've been into one of the many Tesco stores in Cardiff and ended up with a couple of items that were certainly not on my shopping list.

On the way to the food aisles you have to head past the stationery, beauty, clothes and every other aisle you could possibly think of. Naturally I stopped off at all of them. For once I didn't pick up any new diaries or pens, but these were from a previous shopping trip.

This diary was half price at £2 from what I can remember. It's a page per day so plenty of space to write things down. Even though in this day and age (I sound old!!) everyone records things on iphones, online calendars etc I still love to have a hand written diary. To go with my new diary, it only made sense to purchase some new pens, does anyone else do that? Most of the stationery was offer because it was back to school time and these were only around £4.

I don't think it's too much of a secret that I love shirts. Checked, sheer, white, work, casual - I own loads and now I own one more. This delight was nestled in the sale rack, priced up at only £6 and was in my basket before anyone else could nab it.

A few weeks ago my Real Techniques blusher brush completely fell apart, probably down to my ridiculous lack of brush washing and then when I do, I'm a little rough.  So Eco is a brand that I've not heard of before but I liked the packaging and thought the brush looked really soft so for £7 it went straight into my baskets. So far so good, seems like a great brush!

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