Barkbeats Box for Dogs

Friday, 6 November 2015

This month the amazing people at Barkbeats treated the woofs of Cardiff Dogs Home to a subscription box. I love getting the box in the post because I know the dogs absolutely love their treats, see the last picture for reference, Lucy loved the biscuit lollypop. 

This month's box was awesome (pawesome?) and full to the brim of goodies. 

First things first was a garden trip for Bernie who LOVES his toys and who I knew would really appreciate a new one. Bernie's favourite was the tyre toy and I was so pleased to see this not come to the same fate as most of the other toys at the home - he couldn't break it! I can see this being a good toy for dogs who love to destruct. 

Next up, I played treat fairy to the kennels and popped a little Molly's Tomato treat in each kennel. Every single dog loved them, even the fussy ones. I ended the round of the kennels at Lucy's to treat her to the lollypop! 

Thanks Barkbeats - they love it!


  1. Good to see a company supporting the local dogs home. Bernie looks keen to try out his new toy. :)

  2. Awe that's cool, a subscription box for dogs :) I love dogs, and can't wait to get one when we move somewhere with a garden