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Monday, 2 November 2015
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I'm the type of person that will buy a pair of shoes and if they don't rub my feet to shreds I will wear them non-stop. I had a favourite pair of black kitten heels - yes I know kitten heels, but they were for work. They didn't rub me once and were just so comfortable for work. However I was lazy and when the heels started to wear too thin, I just ignored it and now they are in the bin. 

I have been emailed about Brantano recently and I went straight to the black shoe section to found these two. Both look suitably low in the heel height department, both are black and both are less than £28. I'm leaning towards the textured shoe being my favourite, which one would you choose? 

I shouldn't have looked at the trainers but they popped up on the side of the screen and I clicked. What a mistake that was, I now want two. The Nike ones are my "go to" trainer style. I have two pairs at the moment one nice gym pair and the other pair that used to be my gym pair are now my dog walking shoes. I usually hate the standard girlie colour on trainers but I think these have enough dark grey on them to balance that out. 

Sketchers!! Who remembers these?! I used to live in a pale blue pair when I was a child. I had the lace accessories, then changed over to the laces which were springs and you didn't need to tie them. They had glitter and sparkles!! Apparently, sketchers is also for grown ups? Am I the only person on the planet that seems to have missed this? These black ones have the right balance of adult "standard black trainer" and the fun multi-coloured stripes. I was pleasantly surprised at the price too, maybe Sketchers will be my next trainer?

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