Christmas Gift Guide

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

I never thought I would be one to blog a Christmas gift guide type of post, but here I am sat on the sofa whilst Matt plays Call of Duty, blogging about Christmas gifts. I won't hide the fact that it's because I have been sent a couple of things in the mail to review and feature in a Christmas gift guide, but as I've been wearing the jumper and throwing the fairy lights everywhere... I've honestly just been thinking I would love these in my Christmas stocking. 

This jumper and sock combo* is from The Sock Shop. They are of the heat holder variety and I have not stopped wearing them since coming back from Greece. Every year for Christmas, without fail, I have some new dressing gown, fluffy jumper, jumper dressing gown, fluffy socks or thermal slippers - you get the idea. Right now I'm sat here with a hot water bottle and I even have one in work. The socks I wear every weekend dog walking because my feet get so cold out on walks. I have a purple pair that I was bought last year for Christmas just without the grips. EDIT: Have now got duvet as well as heat jumper on.

Fairy lights, if Matt didn't reign me in I would have the flat covered in them. At the moment I have two sets of lights in the flat. One in a glass bottle, I think they are a cheapy set from Wilkinsons and these string lights* from IWOOT around a whiteboard in my bedroom. I did have a similar pair from Primark, but unsurprisingly they broke after only a few days. The ones from IWOOT are much sturdier and they don't get hot even when you have them on for hours and hours. Plus they take one less battery than the Primark ones. 

Make up brushes, another one I am happy to accept at Christmas. These ones from Real Technique are just absolutely beautiful and I think that the metallic look really makes them fit the specification of a Christmas gift. I have been on the RT hype ever since the first brushes were out and I'm glad I have these in my collection. To add to the makeup theme and a gift I have had many times is makeup palettes. A recent addition, one which was a long time coming, is the Naked3 from Urban Decay. 

Finally the washbag from Snapdragon and a nail polish gift set from Essie are all great gifts to give at Christmas. Every year I have a gift set of some sort and then that's what I use for a good while after Christmas and end up neglecting every other makeup I own - oops. But that's what Christmas is for isn't it!? 

What's on your Christmas list this year? 


  1. Hubby keeps asking me what I want but I don't really have an idea at the moment.
    I've some lovely warm bootees that I wear and I wouldn't be without my wool pashmina. Sling it round the shoulders, use it as a blanket no matter... it'll keep me warm.

  2. I love christmas gifts. I always get excited when i see new gift sets coming out x

  3. I absolutely LOVE RT brushes and would love to get a set as a gift! Also those socks are very interesting. My husband could use a pair of those. I'm a new follower over from Wendy's post about your blog. (Wendy From A fashionableheart). :)