Cooking with SimplyHealth for a whiter & healthier smile #SHhealthysmiles

Sunday, 22 November 2015
Friday nights go one of two ways, I either really fancy going all out in the kitchen or it's takeaway time. Last weekend I chose to cook, well cooking was chosen for me because I had been sent a couple of huge boxes full of organic food from Abel & Cole.

Included in my box was chicken, gluten free sausages, vegetables, cheese, milk and nuts. I have to say, I love milk - probably more than I should because I know it's not the best for you. This milk is the best tasting milk I have ever drunk. All these foods are good for your teeth

To say I felt incredibly lucky when these boxes arrived was an understatement. Shopping on a budget like most people have to do can sometimes be incredibly testing and to be gifted with these lovely ingredients is a lovely opportunity.
I decided to do something a little different when I cooked with these, I filmed it! I've been off youtube for a while so this was my "get to know your camera and tripod video" again.

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  2. Great video and the food looks delicious x

  3. My mouth is watering!! This looks delicious! Really makes me miss having a kitchen of my own x

  4. I've added this to my Watch Later list... I'm always watching foodie videos while I cook my own food!
    Zoe xx

  5. That dinner looks tasty!