Christmas Wishing...

Monday, 7 December 2015

Yes, the big "bloggers love marble" but I love it and I want it. H&M have just opened up a huge store in Cardiff and I can imagine I would buy most of it. Probably the reason why I'm staying clear of the store. 

Luckily just a short walk from that new H&M store is the Vivienne Westwood and I can see up close the Vivienne Westwood Bags* for real! I really like the design of the two birds on this bag and it's part of an ethical fashion initiative. 

A few people seem to have these in their homes and I want to be one of them. A friend uses hers to house all her comfy blankets in her lounge and I'm very close to copying it. I'm a sucker for copper and this basket is a really subtle way to add the colour to my living room. 

When we get our first house we are going to have seasonal bedding. I'm being very well restrained at not buying Christmas bedding this year, despite so many great designs being on the market. I think my favourite is this one from Very and at the moment - it's in the sale! 

I'm very surprised I like this colour because I'm not one for pink at all, but this blanket would fit really nicely with the brown sofa that we have. It's not too expensive either, could this be the blanket that weans me off the cheap ikea ones?

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