Getting ready for Christmas

Tuesday, 22 December 2015
This film is what makes me feel instantly in the Christmas spirit. I'm not sure about you, but I've really struggled this year. The weather is warm and rainy, plus I'm working all over Christmas - how is Christmas on Friday!? I think elf might be my favourite Christmas movie, I have it on the TV for the 500th time this year. As I took this photo we were preparing the Christmas tree and it's become a tradition in the Parkin/James household to have this on and make the flat look like Santa's Grotto.

This year I've got my hands on some faux candles. These were from The Range and were around £15. Burning candles is one of my favourite homely touches, but these come with an LED remote control which means no change of fire damage. The candles look so realistic too, recently Matt and I were at his Dad's and it took me all night to realise that on the mantlepiece were fake candles.

Another brilliant Christmas item comes in the form of a box of chocolates from Tesco. Again I first saw this at Matt's Dad's house where his Step Mum had actually bought one for me and hidden it upstairs. Thinking it was just a light feature was exciting enough, but then I discovered it had chocolates inside! (They were like Lindt!)

Matt bought us our own named stockings a few years ago (I think from Ebay) and every year they go up on our "fireplace" in the lounge. 

Our tree this year is white and silver, pretty much the same as last year. I love white decorations on Christmas trees as it makes me think of snow. Being as my mum moved house this year we have inherited the decorations that I grew up with. It's been lovely to see them on our tree (and thankfully they match) because they bring back such lovely memories of Christmases that have been and gone. I do have a little smile on my face even more so walking past our tree this year. 

Finally, this years Christmas Jumper is from ASDA* and I am in love with it. Last year I had a huge novelty penguin with a bobble hat, which was even 3D. However this year I wanted something a little more tasteful this year. A cream jumper goes with pretty much anything and I'll probably wear this with jeans, new boots and a black shirt underneath for Christmas Day. 

What are your festive routines? 

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  1. That jumper is gorgeous! This is my second christmas with my boyfriend and we're developing our own traditions and I love it! We put the tree up whilst watching Love Actually haha xx