Travelling in 2016

Thursday, 24 December 2015
2016 will be the year that Matt and I purchase our first house together, hopefully. That's the aim and we are on track to make that happen. Of course there is the "we need to find a house we actually like" - but trivial things aside this will mean that a holiday abroad is likely not to happen this year.

In the 7 years that we have been together we've done a few trips in the UK but these have been mainly in the Southern part of England. One of my favourite places we have visited already in the UK has to be Longleat.

We've visited Longleat three times in the last few years, twice where we've travelled up and back in a day and once we stayed over in a nearby Travelodge. My 21st was when we made is a proper staycation and we both really enjoyed it. Coming back home we'd actually felt like we'd been on holiday!

Another place in the UK that I really enjoyed visiting is Harry Potter! Matt and I are meeting up with our friends Leanne and Tom there next month which I am far too excited about, especially as there is the addition of The Hogwarts Express now.

We are going to make a bit more of a weekend out of it and spending time with Leanne and Tom. Hopefully we will get to head to a few shops near them, I know Leanne is a fan of the Swindon outlet because there is a really good makeup shop there. I'm sure the boys will end up playing on the playstation and we can head shopping.

Talking of shopping, I've heard so many things about Birmingham's Bullring, yet I've never been! It's a fair drive for us to head up that way so we'd definitely head to a hotel. I'm pretty intrigued to see the building in general! Looks very... strange!

I'm not quite sure how my claustrophobia would fair up - can anyone tell me if it's that stuffy looking when you are inside? What are the best shops in there? I would hate for the visit to just be like visiting my local shopping centre of St David's 2 which is what Cribbs Causway felt like - hated it!

Where are your top staycations? - we are going to need some ideas to compensate for no sun in 2016!

Hope you have a lovely Christmas! Doesn't feel like Christmas Eve at all! 

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  1. The pictures with the birds is too cute! And that building looks really strange for real! I would love to go inside it though!!!!

    P.S~ Good luck on purchasing your first home! How exciting!!!