Cheltenham Races & Keeping warm with Target Dry

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Despite being completely full up with a cold and almost not making it we spent New Years Day at Cheltenham Races. Six of us headed up on New Years Eve and had a brilliant meal at the Thai restaurant in the town. At eleven we wished each other Happy New Years and all headed back to our rooms to get some sleep before the big day at the races. 

The race course is stunningly beautiful, the perfect mix of buildings and rolling greenery. We were lucky the rain stayed away for a fair majority of the day. Before the racing began we took a look around the winners parade, shops and the many statues commemorating horses that are no longer here. Around every corner we were thrashed with the wind. I think this was the coldest any of us had been in a long time but luckily I made an excellent choice in wearing my Target Dry Isabella Waterproof Padded Parka.* 

We managed to get to the front of the barriers, right by the finish line and right by where the horses walked back to the yard. Being up close to them was just incredible, it's no secret that I love animals and being close enough to appreciate these absolute machines was breath taking. Naturally I had packed all of my cameras and even had one of our friends on hand to film with my go pro style camera! He's given the vlog some real good commentary!

Between races we headed around to the winners parade so I could get some close up photos of horses we could check out the horses after their race. This meant that we were back out in the open so I hooded up and I was as toasty as ever! This coat is brilliant at keeping me warm, it's thick and so cosy, yet I didn't feel out of place as it's still really smart. You can customise your look too, taking off the fur with poppers and changing how far forward the hood comes. 
The rain started to pour down and it was freezing, whipping my face! The rest of my body was nice and dry though - the parka is fully waterproof. We all left on a pretty good high, I won about £50 which will be spent on the dogs naturally. I'd recommend this as a day out for grown ups, there was too many people struggling with pushchairs in the crowds and no matter where you moved you were always in someones way. This probably wasn't helped by all the rain as people were rushing to get a space inside. 

A great couple of days with great friends and a bloomin' lovely coat!

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