I want to own a horse...

Sunday, 24 January 2016

It's been almost a year since I last rode a horse and I really miss it. I love the whole experience, from being around the horses (shock!) to cantering along without a care in the world. When I was younger I used to have lessons every Saturday morning on a mountain local to my childhood home. I remember learning how to trek, jump and canter all on this little grey horse called Teddy.
The dream was always to have my own small holding in my 20s where I could have a couple of horses, ducks, chickens, goats and donkeys. With big life decisions looming realistically there is no chance of this happening any time soon and whilst I was always aware owning horses came with a massive expense - I didn't quite realise to what extent until I was sent information over from Pet Plan.
A friend of mine owns a horse and recently I've noticed that she's having to do more to care for her because it's getting a little bit frosty around these parts now! There's been things from spending more on the care of her horse to extra visits!
The example I can always remember is when another friends Mum had said "You know I still have to go up the stables twice a day on Christmas day, it might be Christmas but the horse still needs feeding, mucking out and letting out in the field!" 
Luckily, all I have had to do this winter is bring Bertie inside and put a little extra hay in the hutch and the cage, he currently likes to lie under the radiators as he roams free whenever we are in the flat.
After Basil costing me just short of £200 in vets bills over the last two months (he's fine now - but my bank balance isn't!) and he's smaller than one of these horses hoofs, I wouldn't even want to imagine how much a call out charge would be if these needed treatment. I've never insured the guinea pigs, purely because the monthly payments combined with the excess I would have to pay out anyway is much more than the charges at my local vets. The money I've recently paid out still is less than what I would have paid out in insurance over the last two years. However, I'm pretty sure insurance is needed much more for bigger animals. 

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  1. I went horse riding once when I was younger and it was terrifying (but in a good way)!