New Year - New Glasses

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Since being a glasses wearing after finding reading more difficult than it should have been I was under the assumption for years that you bought your glasses at the same place you had your eye test and that was that. I was wrong and to be honest I'm a little bit annoyed at how stupid I was being as you can buy glasses in the supermarket! 

After a recent check up at my opticians my prescription hadn't changed so I decided to look into what I can do. Specspost are very active on twitter and that's where I heard about them and the service they provide. Based in Manchester they are an online prescription glasses seller. There is a huge selection that you can view here and this includes sunglasses! 

I picked out three styles similar in shape which is a style that I know suits my face and included a pair of sunglasses in there just for good measure. 
Despite all the frames being in the same similar style I am used to, the first two just didn't suit me at all. The lenses were far too small for my face! I was a bit gutted because they are both really nice glasses, however as soon as I put the Fearne pair on - I knew these were the ones I was going to keep. 

We all know I don't take good serious photos - so here is me being one of the new emojis on the iPhone update. I'm sending this pair back soon to have my prescription lenses put in the glasses and these will be replacing my actual Ray-Bans as my favourite pair of glasses. At only £32.99 I am kicking myself that I spent over £150 on a pair of Ray-Bans!!! 

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