TRAVEL: Oxford

Monday, 21 March 2016
 Planning any sort of travel recently has been a bit of a nightmare with my sister giving birth and other things going on. So it was great to finally head over to see Leanne & her husband Tom last weekend. The plan was to head to Oxford on the Saturday and make it back home in time to watch the Rugby - but the less said about that the better. 
  On the Saturday the fog descended and by the time we'd got to Oxford the weather had taken such a bad turn that all my photos look like we were on a ghost tour. The river had also flooded and we stood for a while watching a lone duck swim lengths on what should have been a field. 
 We'd originally set out with the plan to look at all the various places that Harry Potter had been filmed at. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, the books and films are basically what my childhood was all about. I was so excited at the chance to be able to visit places that I've watched over and over again. However, what we hadn't realised is that there was hundreds of students graduating that day and everywhere was closed to the public. It was pretty gutting, however Oxford was still a beautiful place to visit. 
  Churches, markets, coffee shops were in plentiful supply and all in really beautiful buildings. The whole of Oxford reminded me very much of Bath in that respect. Even Burger King looked like something from Diagon Alley - again with the Harry Potter references. 
 By lunchtime the weather had brightened up, the fog lifted and we were able to start to see even more of the beauty in Oxford. Even though the river had burst its banks (and had gone this awful yellow/brown colour) the beauty of it still shown through. This was just by the Botanical Gardens which would have been nice to have seen, it was just far too busy and we would have been in far too many graduation photos!

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  1. Ah Oxford is beautiful, what a shame you didn't get to go to the places you'd planned! I studied there for my post-grad, hard to believe that was basically 7 years ago!