BEAUTY: The 2015 additions to my skincare routine that have stayed around

Friday, 29 April 2016

In the past few months I have been trying to find items/products that I can add into my skincare routine, but ones that will actually stick around. I say this like it's the products fault, what I mean is "products that I see a difference with quickly and aren't too much of a faff to use that I don't ignore them."

I think I've finally got it. Here's what has stuck around since 2015...

Cleanser wise is where I used to be an avid fan of the Botanics cleansing balm, until I tried the Vichy Purete Themale Fresh Cleansing Gel*. One pump is enough for my whole face, just be careful because the lather on this is insane - which has on several occasions ended up bubbling up my nose!! The gel leaves my skin very clean without the waxy feeling that the balm used to leave on my face. Big fan. 

I have started to use my Clarasonic again. I bought the Calrasonic amidst all the hype years ago and, as I suspect many others have done too, have just left it in a drawer. This year we are looking to buy our first house so when my skin was being a royal pain in the ass a few months ago, rather than buy more skincare I looked through my drawers and decided to crack this out again. After a very deep clean with alcohol I was ready to use it and haven't looked back. I need half the amount of the Vichy gel because the lather goes even more insane with the Clarasonic.

Micellar waters were huge in 2015, dominated by Bioderma. Other, more accessible brands, caught on and they filtered into shops here.  After trying a fair number myself I have settled on the Garnier version. There is very little makeup left on my face after using the Vichy cleanser so the micellar water is mainly used for left over eye makeup. Heavier makeup days do call for that little extra effort in taking the day off and I'd rather do that with minimal effort. 

The Pixi Glow Tonic is another product that has been very hyped up in the beauty world. It's just been a wonderful toner for my skin. I've spoken before about suffering from Keratosis Pilaris on my arms and until I'd started this skincare routine this had lined my face in a side burn style. Luckily this is all but gone as it really shows under makeup. 

I'd like to call this paragraph "random tools" because recently I've bought just that. Random face tools. Both relatively inexpensive yet I've found both really nice to use. The jade roller was one from ebay, I just searched and bought the cheapest one, I've found this really great for when my face is a little on the puffy side and I love using this just after a face mask. I roll around my eyes and with every stroke try and get a downward drainage movement - it's so cooling I can't wait to use this when my eyes are struggling from hayfever in the summer. 

From The Body Shop I picked up one of their Vitamin E oil and a facial massager. I've been loving both of these and they have been something used continuously. The Vitamin E oil is a great treat at the end of the day and I really enjoy massaging this into my face with the occasional use of the roller. 

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