BEAUTY: Lush Haul

Thursday, 28 April 2016
This post has been sat long and forgotten in my drafts with just the photo and being as I quite like this photo I thought I'd better write up the post, professional as ever.

These are what I picked up from Lush when we went to Oxford a few weeks ago. To be honest I could have picked up more things, but the staff we pretty over bearing and it became impossible to shop. Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate the staff but this time it was so bad that we walked out of the shop and I was borderline putting these items back and not bothering at all. 

The Mint Julips is a pretty standard favourite and a product that I really like having to hand. As a bright lipstick fan it's really important to ensure that I don't have nasty flaky lips. What a delightful sentence. Anyway, it tastes of mint, works as a lip scrubs is supposed to - perfect. 

At the time of the trip my skin was going pretty crazy and there were break outs everywhere. I couldn't figure out what to do or what I needed to buy to solve it. I know that tea tree is supposed to be great for troubled skin so I picked up the Tea Tree Water in a flippant effort to sort the spots out. I've really been enjoying using this in the bath when my pores are open to really help it sink in. 

Finally, BIG - a sea salt shampoo which I bought on the recommendation of Leanne, so naturally I bought the biggest pot as her opinion is one I trust. A shampoo to use once a week, and one I won't be using just yet as my hair has just been dyed. This provides a deep clean and you end up with insane volume! I'd 100% recommend to anyone who wants volume and zero grease. 

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