Monday, 11 April 2016
Sometimes there's nothing better after a tough week than heading straight into town from work on a Friday with a friend and hitting the shops, whilst fuelled on a vanilla creme frappacino. I'm not talking about spending a fortune either, most of what got purchased was in the sale or just in general not very expensive. 

H&M was one of the shops on the hit list. I'd noticed a distinct lack of smart yet casual hoodies in my wardrobe, most specifically missing them on a dress down Friday in work. 
After spending a good few minutes trying to decide which colour to buy and flitting between the idea of just buying them all - I settled on the bottle green. At £14.99 the hoodie didn't break the bank yet still has the quality that I'm happy with. It's thick, not flimsy and will do a great job at keeping me warm.
The marble tray has been an item purchased by many in the recent "marble hype" of the blogging and "real" world. I'm pretty sure everyone now owns at least one marble item, and if they don't own it - their phone screensaver is probably marble. 

This was nestled in the sale section between some questionably shaped candle sticks and a furry cushion cover with ears. With no sale sticker on I lived in hope that someone hadn't just dumped the tray in the treasure trove that is the sale section. I've stalked the trays online for quite a while and know that they are no longer available online so I headed off to the tills.

Asking the sales assistant to check the price made me feel a little skanky, however to be told that it was now just £1 (!!) I almost squealed with joy. Who knows what I'm going to put in it or where it will go. But for £1, it was coming home with me.
H&M had a fair number of sale aisles which was a treat to browse. I think I'm a little bit addicted to purchasing shirts, more specifically white and blue shirts. At only £7 this was an instant "I'm buying this" moment. It's casual enough to wear at weekends, yet I can dress this up for work - winner. 

Less than £25 and enough of a treat to feel like I'd spoiled myself.
Keep an eye out for what else I bought on my Friday town trip.

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