Tuesday, 19 April 2016
I'm not sure when I will learn not to buy cheap purses, but I think that moment finally hit me this week when I realised that the £4 New Look Sale, bright yellow (yes I know) purse that I'd been using had finally broken and was just a bit of an embarrassment whenever I needed to get my purse out. I'm very guilty of shoving every single receipt in my purse and busting it at the seams, so I guess I can't really blame the price. 
TK Maxx Purse
I'd be lying if I said the Fiorelli Purse that I've picked up from TK Maxx was an investment. At only £16.99 I did have to do a double take at the price tag before swiftly clinging onto it, not allowing the purse to get lost in the sea of purses on the display. 
Termex Hairbrush
My hair isn't in the best condition and it's on looking back at my old Youtube videos that I realise just how bad it got. My hair used to be long and I thought it was the length of a bob! Can't believe it. 

I spotted this brush for only £4, the Termix Proffessional? It's not a brand I've ever heard of before so it was a little "guess purchase" and I've been impressed to far. The only downside is the bristles are so sharp - but that does work out great when you have a really bad itchy scalp.
Epsom Salt
Last week I started to come down with this cold that's doing the rounds and I wanted nothing more than to soak in a hot bath with some salts. I had a dig around in the bathroom and found some old radox ones which did the job for that night. However I craved a more luxury feel and came across these in TK Maxx for only £3.99. So far so good!

Have you had any great finds in TK Maxx recently?

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