BEAUTY: RiRi by Rihanna

Tuesday, 17 May 2016
riri by rihanna
riri by rihanna

Riri by Rihanna* is her latest fragrance following on from her past launches "Rogue and Nude". Unlike her previous perfumes, which were strong and heavy scented - this one is a lot lighter with top notes of cassis, mandarin, passion fruit and rum.

As someone who openly admits to the only perfume I've ever bought being the £3.99 "Suddenly" from Lidl, it's been a nice change wearing one that's more expensive (£40) but also one that has a lot more staying power!

The bottle is huge, it's 100ml, so despite the pricier £40 you are actually getting a lot for your money. Coupled with the staying power it's quite the bargain. I love using this for work, I find it quick awakening using a lighter perfume first thing in the morning. It's been a welcomed change to the heavier musky scent of Suddenly. 

As we enter the warmer weather I think this is a great summer fragrance, especially for work. It's uplifting and I really enjoy using it first thing in the morning. The box is much prettier than the bottle I think, which is a shame because I rarely keep things in boxes. I feel that the text is too distracting from the shape and colour of the bottle and something smaller would have just added to the expensive feel of the scent. 

Have you used a Rihanna fragrance before? 

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