FASHION: Navy & White

Monday, 2 May 2016
There's nothing like a bank holiday browse online is there? I'm sure we have all been inundated with emails over the weekend of % off brands, sales and the many ways we are suckered into spending! I wore a navy and white striped top towards the end of last week and it revived my love for the nautical trend, well, just the colour palette - I'm not one for dressing like Popeye. 

The combination of navy and white is a classic and after finding this top hidden in the depths of my wardrobe (oops!) I've been having a browse with a huge cup of coffee on this bank holiday and this is what I've found. 

A friend of mine is getting married in a couple of months so I have been keeping an eye out for what I can wear. A couple of years ago I wore navy to a wedding and felt really confident so this going out dress from Quiz Clothing is now bookmarked. At only £22.99 it's really affordable and a price bracket that I'm happy to buy into for going out dresses. I rarely go out and as most of you know, I don't drink so fancy dresses are rarely worn. 

Jumpers are one thing that I really do get a lot of wear out of. I'm very much a jumper and jean girl and it pains me that we are moving into summer (if the weather sorts itself out!). Summer means not only hay fever but that my jumper wearing days are over for the year - weep. For a number of years I've gone into Primark towards the end of summer and spent a good £60-£70 on new jumpers for them to be worn to death and binned come the following summer. I want to get into the habit now of not purchasing low quality clothes, but to invest in pieces that will see me throughout many years. This jumper from Paulie does come in at more that I have ever spent on a jumper but just look at it. The navy and white, v-neck and thick knit tick all my boxes and I'd happily wear this style year on year. 

After getting my Michael Kors watch in Mexico in 2013 I haven't considered another watch, I've not even wanted to look. Everyday my rose gold beaut is placed on my wrist and that's how I like it... Until I spotted this Olivia Burton with a navy strap. I thought Olivia Burton watches were a lot more expensive than £80 so with my birthday coming up I'm half tempted. 

The navy and white combo wouldn't be complete without the addition of some tan. This bag from New Look is simply stunning (and big enough to hold the contents of my handbag). As with the jumpers, I have a habit of buying cheap handbags and them breaking all the time. It's something I started to change when I purchased a second hand Pippa Modalu and realised just how sturdy a more expensive bag can be. That became a project where I took my time with leather polish to bring it back to life, but it looks great and is lasting really well. There is a time and a place for a "trendy" handbag though and I'd probably purchase this as my "cheaper summer handbag" and only use it for a year and then head straight back to my Pippa. 

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  1. Lovely choices :) I love navy, white and brown/gold together. I bought a lovely white and navy stripe shirt the other week and was gutted today as I put it on to find it has shrunk in the wash :(