FASHION: Trying to find the perfect black shoe

Wednesday, 25 May 2016
black shoes

I recently hit a milestone in work and I was treated to a business dress shopping spree which was just amazing. I ended up with a whole new capsule workwear wardrobe and even a bright orange pair of shoes.

There was one thing missing though, a pair of simple black flats. A pair to wear with trousers, skirts and dresses, which don't eat my feet during the day.

Naturally I've been online shopping and I've narrowed my search down to three very different styles. The simple black flat from Daniel Footwear, slightly more expensive than I would usually go with anything really, however if I want shoes that aren't going to give me blisters then I probably do need to invest. Plus these are in the sale.

Dorothy Perkins is where my bright orange shoes were from and it's one of the first places I head to when shopping for new shoes. I find Dorothy Perkins sizing really consistent - I've never had a bad fitting shoe from there.

My personal favourite are these from New Look, I love the extra straps and the cut out details. The downside is, they would probably rip my feet to shreds!

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