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Sunday, 22 May 2016
karma cola bottles

Every minute over one million colas are drunk across the world. 

As part of my recent blogpost all about me not continuing to eat meat, I have also made the decision to look at where the rest of the product I consume comes from. I'm under no illusion that I've not bought responsibly for most of my life and I feel it's about time I changed that. 

I'm going total overhaul on this one from makeup, to haircare and right through to the other foods I consume. I'm making more and more vegan choices as the weeks go and when I heard about Karma Cola and asked if I wanted to try the drinks, of course I said yes!

The package of drinks arrived with a paper booklet all about the drinks and where the brand came from and I was hooked whilst having a read on my lunch break in work. The box the drinks came in has also been claimed by Rocky my Guinea Pig!! The brands tagline of "drink no evil" is explained in the first few pages. All the drinks are made using only "good stuff" - organic, fairtrade ingredients and good sugar that's not over processed and bleached white. 

I was quite surprised, but in this day and age, not shocked to read that despite Cola being discovered in Africa, the Africans who discovered it don't make anything from the world's most popular drink. Apart from Karma Cola, obviously. 

The real real thing - Karma Cola

The secret to Karma Cola (which isn't really a secret) is that it's made with real Cola. It's crushed and mixed with water and alcohol to extract the flavour, then the alcohol is evaporated off. 

The whole recipe is explained and there is nothing in these drinks that is some crazy chemical that's no good for you! 

It's no secret that I am absolutely rubbish at describing things but I'll give it a go. The Cola tastes like Cola... Shock... but there's no "fakeness" to the flavour. The drink tastes clean, natural and yummy. There's a huge feel good factor too because of the production process. I'm converted. 

Ginger-ella - Ginger Beer

The second in the line up from Karma Cola is their Ginger Ale - Ginger-ella! Ginger is a great natural ingredient that boost circulation, fights colds and supports the immune system. However, it's also one my most hated flavours. Sorry Ginger, no offence. 

The Ginger is fairtrade so the growers get a premium price for it and the money foes back into the communities to support schools, hospitals and farming gear. 

Lemoney - Lemonade

My favourite.
Cloudy lemonade. Yum. 

Made from organic Sicilian lemons the farmers ensure that the lemons are chemical free and taste just how nature intended. In each bottle is 31% lemon juice, with a splash of grapefuit. The additions of water, bubbles and fairtrade sugar creates the best tasting lemonade I have ever tasted. 

I am a total convert to the brand. We don't buy fizzy drinks that often, probably one bottle a month. But I'd much rather spend a little more and stock up on these beauts and I promise you it's not just because I love the design of the bottles. 

You can get hold of Karma Cola and the other drinks at your local Waitrose - I'd highly recommend trying a bottle!

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