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Monday, 23 May 2016
Testing on animals is a topic that I've always been angered at. Surely in this day and age where people are walking on the moon is an age where animals don't need to be tortured and can be treated like the wonderful creatures they are. 

It may sound hypocritical to say that I would never refuse medication when I am sick, which most likely has been tested on animals, there is a choice I can make when it comes to cosmetics. An animal should not have to suffer and have a life of hell just so I can wear a red lipstick, cover spots, have conditioned hair, a bleached toilet etc. The list is endless.

Over the past couple of months I have been making changes as I go and only repurchasing those products that I know are cruelty free and in some cases vegan.
Paul Mitchell Hair Products
One of my most favourite brands ever is Paul Mitchell. I may at times call them Phill Mitchell but from the products right through to the team at PM - they are wonderful. Myself and a few other bloggers were recently treated to an event at a local hotel, more on that another time, and we were given a whole host of their products which are all cruelty free. 
Superdrug Haul
Another great place to shop is Superdrug. Their own brand goods are not only cruelty free but also mostly vegan. They also stock Barry M and as well as being one of my favourite brands anyway - it's also vegan and cruelty free. 
The Vegan Kind Beauty Box
As a treat to myself I signed up to The Vegan Kind, which is a monthly subscription box for vegan foods. They also have a beauty box that comes out three times a year which I also subscribed to. 
I think this a great way to expose myself to vegan brands but also, it's like a treat. So it's more of an excitement than a chore and there's always discount codes so when the time comes that I do love a product, I can source it easily. 

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