Saturday, 25 June 2016
There's no hiding from the news that NYX have finally made their way across the pond and have now set up stands in Boots all over the UK. It's not just the main superstores either, I picked up these in my local, slightly smaller, shop!

In fact, if I am being totally honest my reaction to seeing NYX in front of me was so far from cool. Dressed in my volunteering clothes ready to head to the dogs home, I'd popped into Boots to pick up some medicine and as soon as I walked into the store I started to hit Shelley on the arm in excitement.

Since deciding to move towards a more ethical lifestyle back in March, I quickly stopped purchasing any cosmetics that are not cruelty free. I'm not going to sugarcoat it and say I've been totally fine with completely stopping buying new things, my bank balance has loved it, it's hard to be so involved with an industry such as beauty blogging and not feel a pull towards a new release etc.
However, this was a release in the UK that I could get excited about as NYX is cruelty free and I plan to make the most of it when I need to repurchase products going forward. The range is much more affordable than I thought; the foundation was only £6, the lip cream was £5.50 and the contour palette was £18.
I was slightly put off by the price of the contour palette, however since purchasing (and falling in love with) the Anastacia Beverly Hills one, I needed to find a cheaper alternative. There are definite differences in the quality of the NYX one and it's a lot chalkier, but I'll keep testing it out and do a comparison in the future.

I have fallen head over heels in love with the foundation and soft matte lip cream though, to the point of saying my new favourite foundation is only £6! The lip cream is in Morocco and it's the perfect bright orange/red. I've been really enjoying wearing this with a simple thin eyeliner, mascara and natural base makeup.
The foundation swatch looks a little bit ridiculous because I had recently fake tanned, however the foundation does dry darker. We couldn't get a perfect match in the shades so we played it safe and both bought the lightest one. 

I am so glad that this range is over in the UK now, please leave any "must have" products from the range below.

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