BEAUTY: The £12 Artis Makeup Brush Dupes

Monday, 15 August 2016
I'm not quite sure how to refer to these makeup brushes, other than "the ones that look like oddly shaped toothbrushes", what would you call them? A quick google tells me I should call them Oval Makeup Brushes.. We shall see.
With between 3 to 10 times more bristles than the average makeup brush, these are set to provide a smoother application. The brushes are very dense, jam packed to the point where the base brush can buff in my foundation in about 6 seconds.

When I first saw these type of brushes it was the brand Artis and they had cropped up in a few youtube videos. As I am forever on the hunt for the perfect base my first reaction was "oh hello...." and then I saw the price and my second reaction was "oh hell no". 

So naturally I had a browse online to see if I could find some that were cheaper (as in not £60 for one brush!!!) and there were loads. Amazon and eBay seemed to be the most littered with options so I went for this set which was just £12 for all the brushes. 

I tripled checked that they were only made from synthetic fibres and into my basket they headed. You can get even cheaper sets but these were in the UK and I'm really far too impatient to wait for delivery any longer than 4-5 days. 

Hopefully they will live up to the high expectations that I have for them.

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