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Wednesday, 24 August 2016
Wind back two years ago and I was regimented about heading to my waxing lady every six weeks in a bid to de-fuzz at a more permanent level, especially after years of shaving! I got to a stage where I was so fed up with shaving and its usual array of problems; rashes and stubble. 
Waxing doesn't come without its problems though. High pain levels (it never seemed to get any better!) and a regrowth time of weeks just wasn't working for me. I would be so happy with the smooth results for about a week and then have to have four to five weeks of not getting my legs out and having to wear long sleeved tops. 
 It never occurred to me that the reason I hated the results of shaving was down to the tools I was using. I'll hold my hands up here and admit that I have been buying the cheap packs of razors, even ones that have had just one blade and no special features - expecting results of the "higher end" options. 
 I was recently contacted by Dorco to try out one of their huge selection of Razors and curiosity got me, just how different can a more expensive razor be? Yeah, well I was wrong. It's really different. 
For a start there are six blades in the Dorco Eve*, something which I have never experienced before. It looks like two razors that have been stuck together but this unique shape makes navigating curves like ankles and knees a dream! Let's be honest, no one has time for the razor cuts that just never stop bleeding.
The razor also has two moisturising bands with Aloe, Vitamin E and Lavender which helps with the irritation that's sometimes caused by shaving.
You should also change your razor frequently and I'm pretty sure I've read that once a week is recommended, ashamedly I'm admitting here to just having a pot in the bathroom or razors I pick and choose from. However, I'm now completely converted to the Dorco, so much so that I have signed up to the subscription service

I love that for just £5.45 a month I will be sent four new blade heads and I won't have to think about keeping the ones that I use on the "one week" life span. Another great point - free shipping. 

I'm converted - would you sign up to a razor subscription service? 
As I have signed up to the subscription service I am able to generate a referral link where if you sign up using this link we both get £5 off all products at Dorco. 

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