LIFESTYLE: Getting a dog.. The Wishlist!

Friday, 26 August 2016
It's no secret that one of the things I want most in life is to be able to adopt a dog. I spend my weekends at the local dog pound and it's been pretty hard not to put together some ideas of the shopping spree I will have when that day comes. 
This is obviously isn't extensive but it's the little things that have stuck in my mind over the last two years of volunteering. 

I should probably address the giant hamster in the middle of the image. This is by a company called Unusual Orange, they make custom pet portraits along with the most amazing custom collars and leads.  I follow their Facebook page and know one of the people behind the brand, so naturally want to support them. I love tartan collars and leads and this fabric stands out for me, brilliantly priced too! 

From the inexpensive to the slightly ridiculous, a tent. For the dog. An indoor tent, for the dog. Oh, and it's £70. GULP. I just love it though and I am really keen on the idea of making a feature out of the dog bed rather than just a plastic tray in the kitchen. The reality is that I'll have to compromise on this decision and go for something a little less "out there".

If there is one thing that I have been really keen to learn about is what dogs should and shouldn't be fed. A number of people who have adopted dogs from the home have moved them on to raw feeding and a really small number have taken this to the extreme. Their dogs will regularly eat feet, ears and even whole heads of animals for their dinner, yet their dogs look so healthy and nourished. As I have been a vegetarian now for five months I don't think I could watch my dog do that. Further research into this shows that you can buy the equivalent of "ready meals" for raw fed dogs but I think that could get really expensive. There are certain dog foods that you should stay away from, such as Bakers - it's like feeding dogs smarties, so the natural meet in the middle for me will be a grain free dog food brand.   

I recently bought a Boomer Ball for a family dog in a last attempt to get him to entertain himself whilst in the back garden. A Boomer Ball is the one toy that never fails to get interest from the pound dogs, so I was sure this would work. The only problem was, it's out of stock EVERYWHERE. That's when Waggy Tail Groomers stepped in after seeing my cries of help on Facebook and managed to source one as part of their Pet Product service. 

Finally, after last weekend when I resembled a drowned rat after every single dog walk - a rain coat, for the dog. Wrestling with a wet dog and a towel is not fun. Well, it might be, just a little bit. 

Do you have a dog and have any "must have"'s that need to head onto my list?

* contains a sponsored link, but let's face it - it's about dogs and that's all I seem to write about these days! 

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  1. Unfortunately we don't have a dog, we lost our precious Oscar 2 years ago but he had a Kong and he loved it, it's a hard rubber dog toy and his was shaped a bit like a bell with an open end, you can put dog treats in them and the dog rolls it round and plays with it trying to get to the treats but Oscar just used it like a ball because it was small and kind of round bless him. We also crate trained Oscar which I know some people disagree with but it was brilliant and he loved his crate, it was his bed and once he was trained the door was always left open for him to go in and out when he wanted to but when he was training the door would be closed when we were out or over night but it was brilliant, he felt safe and my house wasn't chewed up if we left him for a little while. Having a doggy is the best thing ever and we miss Oscar so much, I would say the best thing you can give a dog is priceless and that's lots of love x

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo