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Sunday, 25 September 2016
We've been homeowners now for four weeks and the changes in the house now make it pretty unrecognisable from the house we got given the keys to.

In these three weeks we've gone from just sorting the kitchen to pretty much ripping the whole house out, with the addition of a huge hole in the ceiling in our lounge. I'd been pretty keen to document these changes and dare I say it even vlog some of it, but it has been so much harder than I thought. Getting some decent content over the past two days has been impossible - all I have done is burn gloss of woodwork.

Rolling back three weeks ago, the house looked like this:

Week 1 - Tackling the kitchen

Initially we were going to just do the kitchen and then move in. Having the kitchen renovated without us living there was so important. Not only because it's a huge project, but also with Matt's allergies and the animals - living alongside it wouldn't have been fun. 

The first three days in the property saw the kitchen smashed to pieces and uncovering some issues that we hadn't noticed before purchasing. The two most notable were that the roof (our kitchen is in an extension) had clearly been subject to a leak and the units we rotted from a leak behind the sink. We were particularly disheartened by this as the sellers continuously confirmed that nothing was wrong with the rood. As you can see in the photos above, there were huge holes in the units which had been eaten by their dogs so we were expecting it to not be in the best condition. However, we were still shocked that the sink unit had partially rusted away and the worktops were actually bendy with the amount of water that had leaked in them. 

Week 2

Week 2 of renovations is where things escalated pretty quickly and plans soon changed. The decision to smash out the bathroom at this stage proved wise because turns out it had been leaking for a while, a roof joist is rotten and the ceiling fell through into the lounge! 

Decor wise we started to burn off the million layers of gloss paint that have been slapped on to every doorframe and skirting board. The heated blower (I have no idea what it's called) is a scary piece of kit. Within seconds there is a red hot jet of air bubbling up the gloss and then you scrape it off. This takes ages so that's pretty much all we did. 

One afternoon we'd had enough of paint fumes and decided to move a planter from the front garden to the back. We had to dig out all the soil and plants which took 8 rubble bags! Aside from the 500 spiders we encountered - it was nice to do some gardening. 

Week 3

This week will officially be known as the weekend of steam. Our two biggest bedrooms were lined and then painted, but as you can see by what is left of the yellow below, the walls were really patchy with paper. As there was no consistency in what was on the walls we are going back to the plaster. 

The second bedroom revealed something that reminded me of things you find in horror films. Although it's pretty cool find the history in the house. We've also found Richard's homework from 1981, so sorry to his teacher if it wasn't handed in - it was in the floorboards! 

Burning off paint, never ends.

I also cut the grass for the first time in my life! 

Week 4

I took a weekend away from the house, got back to walking dogs because I'd really missed it and wrote this blogpost! 

I really should have filmed the video that would go alongside this, but I put Harry Potter on and didn't. #reallife

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