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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Last week Matt and I completed on what will be the biggest purchase of our lives, our first home. 

Our first home is a bit of a project, 3 bedroom semi detached with a beautiful garden and it's in a lovely area in our city. Here's some photos of the property without giving away location and too much detail. As it's a project, I'm going to be documenting our renovation work on my blog and possibly on my youtube channel. 

Rewind to the start of the year and our property hunt finally began after many years of saving. I wish I had been more prepared for the stresses of the whole process and even though we now have our house, it's sparked a huge relapse in my anxiety and panic attacks. 

Our hearts had originally been set on a certain area but due to a new school built in the middle of it, the house prices rocketed. Houses were going for £20k - £30k over the asking price and very quickly we were priced out. We wallowed in the upset of that and expanded our search area on rightmove.

A few weeks later this property popped up and after a detour to drive past on our way home one day we booked a viewing. Within three days we had viewed the property twice and made our first offer, after four days of negotiating (which was horrible!) the price was agreed. Two days later so was our mortgage and then almost 8 weeks later, it was ours. 

I felt totally unprepared for it to take this long and our experience has been one of the quicker ones, I feel I need to film a bit of a "Q&A" video about buying a house because there just wasn't many out there at the start of the year. 

In the week that we have had the keys there have been some pretty substantial changes, more on those in my next posts. There's probably going to be weekly updates now as we use up our annual leave and try and get the property ready in time for Christmas. 

This house is a project, but it's ours. 

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  1. Congratulations to you both, it look like a lovely house. I'm looking forward to seeing some renovation type posts xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo