LIFESTYLE: My favourite phone covers for my iPhone 6Plus

Saturday, 17 September 2016

I love my iPhone 6plus, it's annoyingly huge and awkward to put in a pocket - and yet I still love it. However one of the most challenging things I have found is finding phone covers that don't make the phone even bigger than it already is. 

After a long time searching I have found these two that are my absolute favourites. 

I'm always drawn to anything with Harry Potter, the last snapchat I opened was a friend sending me a snap of some HP slippers, so when someone retweeted Juicy Creations onto my timeline it was an instant follow.  I also really like the wood design as it's so different from the typical plastic covers that are everywhere and for me I really like that it's a handmade cover from a fellow Welshie. 

There's loads of covers on offer from a welsh dragon to Disney

My other favourite phone cover comes off the back of me dropping my phone down a portaloo. Yes, that actually happened and from the moment the replacement phone landed in my hands I vowed to look after it like never before. As I said before the iPhone 6plus is such an awkward size and that's how it ended up down the loo - it was in my back pocket where half of the phone sticks out - WAHH! I use my phone a lot, especially when walking the Cardiff Dogs Home dogs and so a full waterproof cover was needed.

I expected a fully waterproof cover to be so expensive, however there are so many affordable ones on eBay and mine only cost me £3.29. I always change over to this phone case on the weekends and so far there has been nothing that's got through the cover. 

Another really useful device that I have picked up from eBay is an iRing and whilst many people have laughed at it, it's the most useful phone accessory I own. I have really small hands and I do struggle to use the iPhone 6plus without it. 

Do you have any must have phone accessories? 

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