EVENT: Dirty Martini Opens in Cardiff

Sunday, 9 October 2016
 I know I don't drink but how can you fail to be excited by a huge parcel arriving for you at work and everyone in the office being jealous of gifted alcohol? Dirty Martini have supplied me with the ingredients to make one of their three Welsh - inspired cocktails, The Red Dragon.
 The Red Dragon uses botanical Gin and has flavours of blood orange, green tea and hibiscus - with tea pot bitters and to top it off there a snap dragon flower. 
 This kit is going to be perfect for any house warmings we have once we've moved so I'm going to keep it until then. The bar opens on the 29th October and will be at 71-72 St Mary Street. 

 I'm going to look up some mocktails I can make with these ingredients!

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