FASHION: The search for a non-leather tan ankle boot

Friday, 7 October 2016
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I think it's become an annual tradition for me to spend my October's online searching through every single womens boots section of my favourite websites, but this year is a little different. At the risk of "banging on" about it, six months ago I made the decision to go vegetarian, cruelty free and make more and more vegan choices every day. This meant leather too. 

Previous years shopping searches we all about leather boots, something that was instilled in me from a young age by Mum and Nan - "leather lasts". Well, it may last, but it's also the skin of an animal that's been killed so no more leather for me! 

When I've looked at faux leather boots in the past they have always looked cheaper (to me) so I was conscious that I needed to find some that still looked the part. I think I've done well! 

The first pair from Brantano are £35 and whilst they aren't leather look, they are suede (synthetic) and a material that I have always liked the look of. The second pair are from Matt and Nat, a brand that has only recently been introduced to me as they are one of the best known vegan leather companies. At £115 they aren't cheap but I think that's justified in just how good these boots look. I think the third pair, which are £27.99 from Newlook are my favourite. I love the casual feel to them and the details make them look a lot more expensive. Finally, from Dorothy Perkins we have these classic Chelsea Boots in the sale at £22.50. I really like the colour of these - a really rich tan, just a great classic. 

The change from leather to non-leather goods is going to be a continuous process because it's just not financially viable for me to throw everything out and repurchase. But what better way to start than with a nice pair of boots. 

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