BEAUTY: Lab 2 - cruelty free makeup brushes

Tuesday, 29 November 2016
For the past month I have been putting some new make up brushes to the test, using them everyday and actually sticking to the routine of washing them every week. My collection of makeup brushes rarely get such treatment, however for these Cruelty Free and Vegan (!!) brushes from L.A.B.2 I wanted to give them a true test to prove that you don't need to rub animal hair on your face for that perfect finish. Borderline preachy there, so I'll stop. 
I've been sent the I'm Turning Pro brush kit which I think is a great starter set and the only other brush I've been using in the past month is an eye shadow brush from Real Techniques. The only reason for this is because the eye shadow brush in this set is PERFECT for blending concealer. 
The foundation brush is the only brush that I didn't like but that's not down to the brush. I have never really been a fan of the paintbrush style foundation brushes and favour the buffing style brushes. I found the foundation brush a little too big for concealer so this has been gifted to my Mum who loves it for her foundation. 
Now onto the stars of the show, the contour and buffing brush - both perfect, just perfect. Not only are these brushes soft but they wash so well. At the risk of sounding like my mother there haha, it's true though. They have a really fast drying time and keep their shape. 

I'd be looking for a really good contour brush for a while, some were just too small and most were just too large as I like quite a sharp contour on my moon face. 

Fair play to L.A.B.2, you've created some awesome brushes and most of the range are now on my Christmas list. 

Did I mention they are cruelty free and vegan too? ;) 

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  1. LOVE the look of these - I love cruelty free brands and products so this is something that I'm going to be checking out too as the brushes look like they're really lovely quality! :)

    Layla xx