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Saturday, 12 November 2016
Before the work on the house turned into a full scale house renovation, the main project was the kitchen. After decades of not being maintained and the cupboards being eaten by the resident dogs - we couldn't live there and renovate such a big room in the house. 

The room is a huge L shape and will really become the heart of the downstairs once complete and now the bulk of the building work is complete, the daunting task of actually deciding on the worktops, appliances and decor. GULP.
I have always been a huge fan of a cottage style kitchen with plenty of wooden features and that's the style that (thankfully) we have both agreed on. The house has character and i don't want to loose that by putting a modern kitchen in. 

Until a few months ago I had never really used Pinterest and now it's become my new Instagram, here's my Kitchen Board - if that's the right term for it(!) and you can see exactly the type of look we are going for.
I will say at this stage, whilst I love having a large kitchen, there is one huge downside - cost. The wall space, appliance and furniture list is long because we have so much space to fill. 

Our idea is to have a bench like dining room table near the entrance to the kitchen, somewhat of a breakfast bar and coffee area. The rest of the kitchen will form a galley type kitchen through to the back door. 

As we are planning to stay in this house for many (many) years we want to fully kit out the kitchen in a budget friendly, but stylish, way. We considered lots of websites and review sites that show you the best cheap washing machines and dishwashers - but for us the solution was to have integrated appliances which I am more than happy with. 

As we head into month three of owning the house, the kitchen is due to be fully plaster boarded by today and the plasterer can now come in and skim the whole thing - goodbye dust! 

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  1. Wowzers your kitchen is ma-husive! Can't wait to see all your renovation work! xx