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Tuesday, 17 January 2017
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Once upon a time I would only wear converse with my jeans as a casual outfit. I wouldn't even venture into colourful ones, I would only strictly wear the white version. Fast forward to today and I've recently been sat in the office on a dress down Friday and noticed that more and more girls are wearing actual running trainers as womens shoes.

This isn't limited to just my office, all over instagram, blogging and just in general there is this huge shift to wearing trainers again as shoes. Although, the only problem is the trainers I own are bright purple with neon pink laces or grey with neon green. Not quite the look that I think is fashionable now and both would be too hard to wear with a colourful top. 

The common trend is that most of these trainers are Nike and as I like to be a little different I have found three from Sketchers that I'd happily wear as shoes. I think iI would get the most wear out of  the plain black ones, even though my favourite is the ombre (is that still fashionable?!) pair. 

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