LIFESTYLE: Looking back at 2016

Monday, 2 January 2017

2016, what a year! I think most people would agree that it was one of the worst years portrayed in the media. So, in a bid to remain on the positive side of life - here are the good things that happened to me in 2016.
We became homeowners! A huge achievement for anyone given the prices of houses and how much of a deposit needed now. We still aren't moved in yet due to renovation works becoming a *little* more of a project than anticipated! I've been updating on here and on youtube, there's  couple of updates that I need to post. Hoping to be moved in by the end of this month.

I am 100% not looking forward to the packing, but I am looking forward to making memories in our home.
I became an Auntie again. Amelia was born and she is the apple of my eye. I couldn't love her anymore, even if I did miss the birth after months of preparation! You can find out why in the video on my youtube channel. In other news, she's going to become a big sister this year and I am hell bent on not missing my Nephew's birth!
After two really meaningful posts, here's something very materialistic but with a meaningful intent. In 2016 I went completely cruelty free with my makeup so I'm having to find new favourites, luckily most of them were already cruelty free, however my foundation wasn't. Enter Charlotte Tilbury. 

After attending an event all about the brand I was hooked on the Magic Foundation, annoyingly I love it more than my £6 NYX foundation - but it's so worth it.
Muffin got her home! I posted about this dog many times, but she was my girl and I loved her through and through. Annoyingly she was so overlooked but it worked out in the end because she's in the loving home she deserved.
One that I can't not mention here really, in March I went Vegetarian and throughout the year I've gradually been making more and more vegan choices. I am loving it and can't ever imagine myself ever eating meat again. 

After watching a documentary I made sure that I educated myself on the subject and as of now I have stopped reading about it, I know enough to know I will never eat meat again. It was this research that made me determined to be vegan and I am well underway into that.

I do find eating at others houses difficult so the majority of the time I am 100% happy to be catered for as a vegetarian, I'm even bought dairy free ice cream now. Everyone has been relatively accepting of my choice, even though I have been quizzed about it, and I hope that it does become more mainstream.
The picture that I never thought it would upload. In 2016 I lost 2stone (I've put on half a stone over Christmas, but F it) and I am now wearing tight clothing and feeling much more confident. 

I've never had body confidence, even when I was barely 8 stone after recovering from glandula fever, I hated how I looked and was always covering up. Towards the end of last year comments started coming in suggesting I'd lost weight so I weighed myself and it turned out I had!! My trousers weren't loose from wearing them too much, they were loose because they were too big. 

I went shopping for pencil skirts and have had a complete mind shift. This was all done without the gym so in 2017 I'm going to get fitter and be the healthiest I can be. We are putting a gym in our garden shed (it's huge) so this will get me on my way. 

What were your favourite parts of 2016?


  1. You look FIT! Not that you didn't before obvzies. Annnnd hurrah for rehoming and Nieces! It's nice to hear that 2016 hasn't been all bad xx

  2. Wow you look absolutely incredible! Congratulations on becoming cruelty free, I can't imagine it's that easy.

  3. Wishing you all the best for 2017, I hope it's kind to you! Huge congratulations on the new home and everything else <3

  4. Sounds like a great year, and you look amazing - well done you!!

    The Little Things | Louise x