LIFESTYLE: Night in over nights out, always!

Sunday, 30 April 2017
Since moving into our house we have both been really keen to start hosting evenings in with our friends. There's a gang of us and whilst it was OK having everyone at the flat, things never seemed that relaxed as we were all crammed into a small space.

Saturday night, the AJ and Klitschko fight, would be our first night hosting our friends in our house. A date that had been in the diary for weeks and one we've been really looking forward too. This tied in really nicely with an email I received all about 's campaign looking at night in or a night out preferences.

There is no question about it, I am a night in person. Every single time. 

I didn't go away to university, I stayed home. I don't drink so much prefer being around my own people in my own, less busy, environment. 

As a group we decided on pizza and one of the guys had a 50% off discount code which made the overall order a much easier bill to swallow. 

I was really pleased that the main event of the boxing actually started at 10pm and we weren't kept waiting for hours and then all asleep when the main event started. It meant we had a great few hours with friends and Sunday wasn't a right off. Although, not such a bad thing with a Bank Holiday Monday following. 

Talking of Bank Holidays, the last one - which wasn't that long ago - we bought an outdoor fire pit. 

This is hands down one of my favourite house purchases, but with the clear risks associated with owning one we double checked our home insurance to make sure that the back garden was covered(!!), it's so different to insuring just the contents of a flat. 

For hours we sat outside burning logs we bought from Homebase and also the sticks we had cleared from the garden the week before. Endless fun and I would highly recommend if you have the space! 

Are you a night in or night out person?

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  1. This sounds like a lovely evening, I can't wait to start throwing similar events when I eventually move into my own place. I want to throw viewing parties and the lot! x