BEAUTY: Weekly beauty routine

Sunday, 30 July 2017
I've always been really fickle when it comes to any beauty routines, from being sent skincare to buying whatever is on offer - I've never stuck to any form of routine really.

Since living in our house this has changed and I've actually got a group of products together that I have been using regularly. I think this has more to do with having a good clean out before we moved and the realisation that I had SO MANY products that were close to going off. But there's also our beautiful bathroom that is my own little space of heaven, it's now a place I can throw open the window to our garden and enjoy my skincare time.

B. Melting Gel Cleanser - Moving over to cruelty free products is something that I am still transitioning through, especially as I have so much to use up, however the B. range by Superdrug was on offer a few weeks ago so I picked this cleanser up. Most of the range was half price, which naturally meant I picked up quite a lot and tried a fair few products out. This one isn't a favourite unfortunately, but it does do the job. It's a very milky cleanser when mixed with water and I feel this makes the product feel very thin. I won't be repurchasing, but for now I will use it up.

Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover - A discontinued product and a previous "must have" of mine. I'm still on the hunt for a cruelty free eye makeup remover that doesn't struggle with waterproof mascara... answers on a postcard please.

Pixi Glow Tonic - The iconic Pixi Glow Tonic! I love this toner, it's one of my favourite products and one that I will always repurchase. Keeps my skin nice and smooth but in a very gentle everyday way. Highly recommend.

Superdrug Vitamin E Hydrating Mist - It's £2.99, that's all! Utter bargain and one which is really handy to have as a facial refresher in work. I also like using this as a "wake up" for my skin when I get out of bed in the morning.

Vitamin E Intense Moisture Serum - Confession, I bought this product years ago on the way to Egypt with Leanne. After the holiday I didn't really use it and I ended up having a phase of not bothering with moisturisers. To be honest with this the Vitamin E Night Cream and the Elderflower Eye Gel, it's all the same story. Put in the back of a drawer and forgotten about. Until now, where I'm using them regularly. The serum is light enough to use under foundation and the night cream leaves my skin feeling really plump the next morning. I'm a little unsure if the eye cream is actually working and this one feels like hair gel!

Everything already mentioned are what I use daily, so now it's time to round up the three products that I use once or twice a week! The Yes to Grapefruit Scrub is quite harsh for my skin, but I like to use it really sparingly to slog away at all the crap that's built up on my face by the end of the week! Coupled with The Ordinary Salicylic Acid, which helps to keep spots at bay - my skin is looking pretty clear.

One thing I'd like to point out here is that whilst I absolutely love the Diamond Whites Charcoal Powder, do not believe the sleek Instagram videos where the user looks amazing whilst using it - it is messy. My whole bathroom turns black (read: the sink) but the results are worth it. My teeth feel squeaky clean and are so much whiter, I just wish they did a mint flavour!

FASHION: A smaller handbag?

Monday, 24 July 2017

It's a bit of a running joke with almost everyone who knows me, I usually carry around a huge, heavy handbag wherever I go. Even when I'm not using a huge handbag, I cram so much in there that when I put my bag on my car seat it bleeps reminding me that a seatbelt needs to be put on. 

Fiorelli is a brand that has been on my radar ever since I bought a bright orange handbag second hand on eBay years ago. Aside from a lovely style, they aren't leather which is something that I am looking for in new purchases. 

A couple of weeks ago Leanne and her Husband visited and as usual when I see people I end up wanting things they have. This time it was a small handbag that she's recently talked about in this post and so on the second evening they were down we opened ASOS and I found the Fiorelli Sadie Contemporary Xbody bag

I'm quite surprised with how much I can get in the bag to be honest, especially as this bag doesn't fit my normal purse in. I don't feel like I've left too many things at home (a real struggle with my anxiety problems).

I now take: 
  • A couple of cards, cash and my driving licence in my new card holder/purse.
    • including my Nectar Card, Boots Card etc
  • Streamline the makeup I take out, I never use any of the makeup I lug around with me everyday. Limit this to a lipgloss, concealer and a mirror! 
  • Streamline the tablets I take out with me. Again, back to the anxiety, I take out paracetamol, ibuprofen, immodium and rennie. But not just one tablet, I carry boxes. So for my little bag I take just one dose of each. 
  • Pack of tissues. 
The one item that I will always take with me is a bottle of water. It's a huge comfort blanket for me and something that I'll never give up carrying around so I've managed to find a really small bottle that actually fits in the bag above!