FASHION: A smaller handbag?

Monday, 24 July 2017

It's a bit of a running joke with almost everyone who knows me, I usually carry around a huge, heavy handbag wherever I go. Even when I'm not using a huge handbag, I cram so much in there that when I put my bag on my car seat it bleeps reminding me that a seatbelt needs to be put on. 

Fiorelli is a brand that has been on my radar ever since I bought a bright orange handbag second hand on eBay years ago. Aside from a lovely style, they aren't leather which is something that I am looking for in new purchases. 

A couple of weeks ago Leanne and her Husband visited and as usual when I see people I end up wanting things they have. This time it was a small handbag that she's recently talked about in this post and so on the second evening they were down we opened ASOS and I found the Fiorelli Sadie Contemporary Xbody bag

I'm quite surprised with how much I can get in the bag to be honest, especially as this bag doesn't fit my normal purse in. I don't feel like I've left too many things at home (a real struggle with my anxiety problems).

I now take: 
  • A couple of cards, cash and my driving licence in my new card holder/purse.
    • including my Nectar Card, Boots Card etc
  • Streamline the makeup I take out, I never use any of the makeup I lug around with me everyday. Limit this to a lipgloss, concealer and a mirror! 
  • Streamline the tablets I take out with me. Again, back to the anxiety, I take out paracetamol, ibuprofen, immodium and rennie. But not just one tablet, I carry boxes. So for my little bag I take just one dose of each. 
  • Pack of tissues. 
The one item that I will always take with me is a bottle of water. It's a huge comfort blanket for me and something that I'll never give up carrying around so I've managed to find a really small bottle that actually fits in the bag above! 

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