LIFESTYLE: Winter Wonderful

Sunday, 10 December 2017
If you asked me to describe the last part of this year, I would have to say that I feel like I'm in a snow globe (and not just because of the weather). There have been some huge changes in my life and I feel like someone has taken my life, shaken it up and now everything is just beautiful, just as a snow globe is. 

On the 1st November, just as the UK was getting colder, Matt and I flew to the Dominican Republic. The holiday almost didn't happen as the country had taken a battering with the devastating hurricane's this year, of course we would have been gutted, but what was more upsetting was seeing the devastation and all the people and animals who suffered in this. 
Little did I know that I was going to be coming home with more than just a tan from this holiday. I've been completely unaware that Matt had been planning to ask me the most amazing question I've ever been asked. And so, in the Dominican Republic, on the 4th November at around 9pm, I said "yes!".
We have been completely overwhelmed by the messages, cards and even gifts(!!) of congratulations, after nine years together it's just such an amazing feeling to be engaged. I still can't quite bring myself to look at wedding magazines yet though, and that's because last month (the day after we came back from holiday) four new paws were added to our household. 

Meet Marli

The week before we went on holiday we were approved to adopt Marli from Newport City Dogs Home. You don't have to have known me long to know that welcoming a dog into my home is one of my biggest dreams and even a few weeks on I still can't believe that I'm typing this with her asleep at my feet. 

Let us wind back about 7 weeks ago, a black poodle was found straying in the city of Newport and taken to the dogs home by a member of the public. The poodle was in a very bad way (I can't really look at the photos still), emaciated and fur so matted she could barely walk, the staff thought she was an elderly dog. 

The poor, sweet dog had to go under a general anaesthetic to be shaved down to her skin, freeing her body of the matted fur that caused her so much pain. Underneath was a very skinny, weak and frightened dog, but she was alive. 

I've volunteered for Friends of the Dogs Wales for nearly four years and this was the first standard poodle I'd ever seen in out pound. Due to Matt's allergies we have had to wait for a standard poodle to come in as we would both never want to buy a puppy. 

We knew this could be our chance of welcoming a dog into our lives and it all seemed to perfect. Our new house, I've always wanted a black leggy dog, Matt needed a poodle - so we spent the next week getting to know her and making sure we had the strongest application ever. 

 I'm not ashamed to admit I cried when we were told she was ours, in that moment I'd just heard the words I'd always wanted to hear "she's yours". This was before going on holiday so we had to wait 3 weeks before bringing her home, she was also still in season so couldn't leave the pound anyway!

There are now going to so many photo opportunities that I want to get printed and some made into canvases, like these, from this winter. Us walking up our local mountain, Marli curled up by the Christmas Tree and her first time seeing snow. I can't wait to start building all these memories. I'm 99% sure that next year all our family will be getting a 2019 Marli personalised calendar.....

*Collaborative post